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Factors to Consider for Home Remodels


Are you familiar with what a home’s R-value is? This is a measurement of how well your living space can prevent the flow of heat into and out of the property. It’s an important factor in determining the type and size of HVAC systems you’ll want to install, but it’s also an important factor to keep in mind when planning any sort of remodel–especially if that remodel involves door installation or window installation.

Your windows and doors are a big contributing factor to your home’s insulation, and having high-efficiency windows installed will only ever benefit your home, improving its R-value and making your home more efficient. If you’re curious about your home’s efficiency opportunities, please give our team a call for a free evaluation and consultation. In the meantime, read on as we uncover what other factors you should consider when remodeling your home, including windows or doors.

Better Windows = Less Air Leaks

Your climate control systems, combined with the type and amount of insulation you have, play a big role in how efficient your home is. If there are air leak opportunities, it will be hard for your heating and cooling systems to maintain a consistent temperature indoors, and you’ll wind up paying more for your energy bills because these systems will have to run longer than necessary to compensate.

So when completing a home remodel, consider how adding better windows or doors can make your home more energy-efficient! Air leaks can certainly come through cracks in old, degrading windows and doors. In fact, the most common problematic air leaks come from the attic, your front door, and the windows throughout your house.

Not only does professional installation matter in improving home efficiency, but the construction of your doors and windows matter too. By installing new, energy-efficient windows and doors in the home, you’ll significantly reduce the amount of air leaking from your property.

Your Remodel Can Help Reduce Noise!

You likely already know that good insulation will help reduce noise in your home. You’ll be able to enjoy quieter rooms with that insulation muffling the sounds that come from outdoors or even from bedrooms where occupants are working or playing music.

High-efficiency windows and doors help with this! Since they are so tightly sealed, they assist in reducing noise pollutions, which is a growing problem for homeowners across the country, not just in our area.

If you have trouble keeping peace and quiet in your home due to noise infiltration from the outside, then new windows and doors may be just the ticket!

Remodeling Can Help Climate Control

Do you have rooms in your living space that get a lot of natural sunlight? This can make your house seem really bright and cheerful in the winter, right? In the summertime, however, it can mean that you and your family suffer from an uncomfortable rise in indoor temperatures, causing you discomfort, and causing your AC system to cycle on sooner and run longer to reach your desired temperatures.

New windows and doors can help!

Contact Sunset Air for professional help with your remodel, including door and window replacement in Lakewood, WA!

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