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Electrical Problems with Your Air Conditioning

While there are several different types of popular heating fuel, electricity is the only option when it comes to air conditioning. As such, your air conditioning system can develop a number of common electrical issues. Sunset Air is proud to provide our customers with quality air conditioning repair services in Puyallup, WA and we wanted to assemble a short list of some of the most common that we see. Call us today if you need any service for your AC and our experts will be able to help.

Puyallup, WA Air Conditioning Repair FAQ: Electrical Issues

Below are a few of the most common electrical repairs that we see for air conditioning systems. Call us today if you’re experiencing any of them.

  • Capacitors – A capacitor is like a booster for electric motors. Your air conditioning system uses several important motors: two fan motors and a compressor motor. Each of these has a capacitor attached to it that provides it with a boost of energy at start up and while it runs. If the capacitors stop working then your air conditioning system won’t work. If you aren’t getting any cooling or if you don’t hear your AC’s fan motor running it could be that the capacitors are bad.
  • Air conditioning won’t turn on – Obviously, if your air conditioner won’t turn on then you have a very big electrical problem. It could be one of the control panels that switches on the motors at start-up. One common problem that is often overlooked is the thermostats. If your thermostat wiring is bad or if they aren’t calibrated properly it could keep the AC from starting up.
  • Air conditioning constantly runs – This is another common problem that homeowners face. If you notice that your AC won’t shut off it likely has something to do with one of the electrical components. There are numerous control boards that interface with your thermostats to turn the system on and off. If the AC keeps running, there could be something wrong with one of the panels or with the thermostats themselves. Sometimes it happens that the thermostats are installed in a space that gets a lot of sunlight which causes them to detect a much higher temperature.

When you need air conditioning repair services, call the Puyallup air conditioning specialists at Sunset Air. We can handle any issue that you might be having and we can work on any type of system that you might have.

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