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Ductwork Issues that Hamper Your Heating

Gas furnaces remain a staple of modern homes, providing efficient heating by blowing hot air through a system of ducts. When problems arise, they often stem from the ducts as much as from the furnace itself. A faulty duct can prevent the warm air from reaching its designated location, which can be just as troublesome as a problem with the furnace itself. Here in Olympia, WA, furnace repair companies can address issues with your ducts as readily as the address issues with your furnace. Here are some ductwork issues that hamper your heating.

  • Breaches. The most common problems with ducts is a leak or a breach, which can occur when seals break down or damage to the ducts ruptures the metal. A leak interferes with the heating because the hot air can get sucked out of the breach. In some cases, cool air from the outside can get pulled in from the breach. Either way, it reduces the temperature in the air and forces your heater to work harder in order to do its job.
  • Blockage. In some cases, the problem with the duct isn’t a breach but some form of blockage: either build-up of dirt and debris in the duct or damage that ends up crimping the duct in a spot. You can usually detect it by noting a reduction in the flow of air from the vent.
  • Outside factors. If your ducts pass through an uninsulated portion of the house or too close to an outside wall, then their surface may cool down. That in turn could cool the hot air as it passes through that section of ducts. A professional technician can offer a solution that matches the individual circumstances, such as adding insulation or perhaps insulating the ducts themselves.

If you’re experiencing ductwork issues that hamper your heating, then Sunset Air can help. We operate in Olympia, WA, furnace repair is one of our specialties and we can get to the bottom of any ductwork problems quickly.  Pick up the phone and give our Olympia furnace repair technicians a call today; you’ll be glad that you did!

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