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When Were Your Ducts Last Cleaned?

dirty-ductA common question that HVAC professionals receive from homeowners is, “do I really need to have my ducts cleaned?”

Well, if you’re okay with breathing in contaminants, feeling colder in the winter and warmer in the summer, and paying more than necessary for your HVAC services, then no, you don’t need a duct cleaning. If you’d like to avoid those problems, however, it’s a good time to call for your next duct cleaning appointment.

The fact of the matter is, your indoor air quality impacts the quality of your home, health, and comfort. It’s always a good idea to have a professional duct cleaning from a trained and experienced technician. But, why?

Lower Heating and Cooling Bills

Since fall is fast approaching and temperatures will cool down soon, we’ll focus on heating—getting your air ducts cleaned out in the fall helps you prepare for your winter heating bills! When you invest in a professional air duct cleaning, your technician will thoroughly clear away any debris, dust, dirt, and grime that’s sitting in the ductwork, reducing the efficacy of your heater.

When all of this debris is cleared away, it’s easier for your heater to effectively operate (and easier for your air conditioner to function in the summer, too). Improving your airflow in this way means you’ll be consuming less energy, which equates to lower energy bills!

Improved Indoor Air Quality

If you live in a newer, energy-efficient home in our area, your indoor air quality may very well be worse than the quality of the air outdoors. That’s because today’s modern homes are built very tightly—great news for the efficiency of your HVAC systems, but this tight seal on your home may be keeping unwanted pollutants in, as well.

Pollutants in the home can vary—they include things like household cleaning fumes, tobacco smoke, mold, dust, viruses, and allergens. Dust, pollen, pet dander, and even mold and mildew are threats as well, not only to your comfort and overall indoor air quality, but to your health. When you have your ducts cleaned regularly, you’ll reduce the factors that contribute to indoor air pollution.

Increased Comfort

Dirty ductwork reduces the efficacy of your home’s heater and air conditioning system. When your air ducts are cleaned, it noticeably improves your airflow and increases the comfort of your home.

And duct cleaning is just the beginning! There are a number of indoor air quality products that help your air conditioner and heating system do their jobs more efficiently, and therefore keep you more comfortable at a lower cost.

Longer HVAC System Lifespan

Having your home’s air ducts professionally cleaned at least every few years will reduce the strain on your HVAC systems. Even small strains like this provide unnecessary wear and tear to your home’s HVAC systems over time.

It’s important that you have your HVAC system properly maintained to reduce factors that can limit its lifespan or ability to perform at its best.

For professional duct cleaning service in the Olympia, WA area, contact Sunset Air!

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