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Ductless Heating Problems You Should Watch for

ductless-mini-splitNow that the daily temperature is hovering around the mid-40s, you’re probably relying on your ductless mini split system quite a lot to keep comfortable. More demand on the system will increase the wear and tear it accumulates over time. That means that you have a higher chance of malfunctions occurring during the winter than at other times of the year. While you’re relying on your ductless mini split that often, it’s important that you keep an extra-sharp eye out for signs that the system is struggling with something. The faster you can identify a problem with the system, the faster you can have it repaired and the more damage you can prevent. Let’s have a look at some of the more common ductless heating issues you should watch for this heating season.

Refrigerant Leaks

Ductless mini split systems don’t burn fuel to generate heat. Instead, they evaporate and condense refrigerant to move heat from one place to another. If the refrigerant line springs a leak, it will slowly deprive the system of its ability to heat the home. If the leak isn’t patched in short order, it can eventually cause the entire system to break down. Make sure you call for repairs if you notice fluid dripping from any part of your ductless system, especially if it’s accompanied by dropping output.

Electrical Issues

There are a number of different electrical issues that could cause problems for your ductless system. Thermostat malfunctions can cause one or more of the air handlers to short cycle, turning on and off every couple of minutes and making it more likely they will break down. Other issues include complete power failure, or the system refusing to shut down at all. If you have reason to suspect an electrical problem with your ductless system, call for repairs right away.

Sunset Air provides a full range of ductless mini split repair services in Lakewood, WA. If you need your ductless system repaired, contact us today.

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