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Do Your Windows Contribute to Your Home’s Insulation?


Customers who know that we install windows and doors often ask us the benefits of “high efficiency” windows. The short answer is, they add to your home’s insulation!

There’s literal insulation–the fiberglass or paper material that gets installed in your crawlspace, attic, and/or behind your drywall–then there are other forms of insulation like weatherstripping on your windows and doors, door sweeps, curtains on your windows, blinds, and more.

The point of insulation is to prevent heat transfer. This means that in the summer, the heat stays outside, and in the winter it stays indoors–ideally! This all helps to increase your home’s R-value–that is, how well it can prevent the flow of heat into and out of the property.

So, yes, your windows are one factor of your home that contributes to your home’s insulation, and installing high-efficiency windows will do your home a world of good! Read on to learn how.

New Windows Prevent Air Leaks

Insulation and your climate control systems play a big part in how energy-efficient your household is. If there are air leaks all over, it will be difficult for your HVAC systems to maintain a set temperature indoors, and you’ll find yourself spending more on your energy bills because your AC and heater will have to run longer to compensate.

To make your home more energy-efficient, it’s wise to start by sealing up any small leaks that contribute to your overall energy costs. And we aren’t just talking about huge or obvious leaks–these aren’t the only kind of air leaks that will have an impact on your home’s efficiency.

The most common problematic air leaks actually come from your front door, the attic, and the windows. Minor cracks and gaps in your windows and their frames will definitely contribute to energy loss.

The actual construction of the window needs to be considered, too. By having new, energy-efficient windows installed throughout your home, you can significantly cut down on the amount of air leaking out of your property.

High-Efficiency Windows Reduce Noise!

This is another benefit of high-efficiency windows–because they’re so tightly sealed, they help reduce noise pollution, which is an increasingly common problem for homeowners throughout the country. It’s not necessary to have constant construction taking place right across the street or to have jets flying right over your home to find constant noise from the outside irritating.

If you have trouble keeping peace and quiet in your home do to the infiltration of constant outdoor noise, new windows can be just the solution you need.

Older, inefficient windows can serve as points where sound waves have a much easier time coming into your home. After all, windows are thinner than walls, and if they’re degrading that makes the noise situation even worse.

Windows Can Help with Climate Control

Does your home have rooms that get a lot of natural sunlight in them? This might make your home seem really bright and cheerful in the winter, but in the summer it can mean an uncomfortable rise in indoor temperatures, causing you discomfort and causing your air conditioner to turn on sooner and run longer to reach your desired temperatures.

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