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Serving the South Puget Sound and Southwest Washington Areas Since 1976

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Common Problems with Your Hot Water Boiler

Few home heating systems offer as many advantages as the good ol’ hot water boiler: long service lifespans, few repairs, even heat distribution, cleaner air, and quiet operation. But no boiler can work perfectly 100% of the time, and without repairs or maintenance, it might end up failing you on a particularly cold day.

However, you can get rid of this inconvenience quickly with a call to Sunset Air. We offer 24-hour emergency heating repair service Olympia, WA —no matter what it is.


Corrosion, particularly rust, is a main threat to your boiler. Corrosion is the chemical reaction that occurs when iron (or iron alloys) comes into contact with water and oxygen, resulting in the creation of iron oxides. Corrosion weakens metal until the point that it crumbles and flakes away. Even a small amount of corrosion on your boiler’s water tank can start leaks. If you spot corrosion, get professional work done before it spreads and requires replacing the entire tank.

High water pressure

Boilers have safety precautions in them to keep the internal water pressure steady: a pressure release valve and an expansion tank. However, if these malfunction, or if sediment and limescale start to infiltrate the tank, it could cause the boiler’s pressure to spike. High pressure means numerous leaks throughout the pipes attached to the boiler. An HVAC professional will have to identify the specific cause of the high pressure in order to repair it.

Leaking from loose connections

The two problems above can both lead to leaks, one of the worst issues you can encounter with a boiler. Another common source for leaking from a boiler can happen due to loose connections between the hot water tank and the lines. Sometimes this occurs because of poor initial installation and a bad soldering job. Aging boilers can also suffer from loose connections. Fixing this frequently involves extensive repair work, especially if the source of the problem was an amateur installation.

Your boiler can last many years without a major decline in its effectiveness… but only if you make sure that it gets regular maintenance and proper repairs. Sunset Air has served the South Puget Sound and Southwest Washington areas since 1976, so rely on our experience for your Olympia, WA heating repair needs.

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