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Common Heating Problems in Olympia, WA

For a state sharing a border with Canada, Washington enjoys mild and often extraordinarily beautiful winters—especially in the region around Puget Sound. But the winters still bring the cold with them, and that means you’ll need protection indoors and out. When you’re in your home, you’ll want a properly working heater to keep you cozy. We understand how important this is to you, and how uncomfortable life can get if you experience issues with heating in Olympia, WA. Here are some problems you should watch out for during the coming cooler months.

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Heat leaks: If your heater can’t seem to keep you comfortable even though it appears nothing is wrong with it, you might be losing heat through your house. Heat will try to escape through any crack or crevice it can. Inspect your windows and outside doors for drafts or places where heat can get out. (Try using a small candle flame to pinpoint these places.) Fix the leaks with caulking and weather stripping. It’s also important you have proper insulation throughout your home. If you have an attic, look over the insulation in it first, because heat rises and will flow right out of the attic as if it were an open chimney.

Uneven heating: You notice that some parts of your house are getting warmer than others. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need a repair. First check on all the vents (if you’re using a furnace or other forced air system) and adjust the thermostat; make sure there are no open windows. If the problem continues, it may come from a faulty thermostat, ductwork problems, or a heater that’s improperly sized. Get professional assistance to find out the cause and possible solutions.

Complete heating shutdown: This is the worst-case scenario. Your heater either stops working entirely or will not turn on at all. If the simple fixes—checking the thermostat, the power source, and the circuit board—don’t offer the answers, then call up a dependable HVAC company right away to get to work on the problem. Even better, schedule an HVAC company to come to your home before a shutdown occurs. With preventive maintenance done before winter, you’ll have better assurance of steady heating all through the season.

Whether you need repairs, replacement, or maintenance visits, your heating troubles should be turned over to Sunset Air and its staff of Olympia, WA heating experts. Contact us today to set up an appointment.

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