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Common Air Conditioning Problems that Need Professional Repair

Like any other appliance, air conditioning systems develop problems from time to time. And while many of those problems can be avoided with a little preventive maintenance, most of them require the services of a professional air conditioning repair technician. In Olympia WA, air conditioning repair service is typically a summer endeavor, since winters tend to be cool and the AC isn’t needed as often. If you can spot the signs of common air conditioning problems that need professional attention, you can have them dealt with in a safe and effective manner.

  • Low air flow. Low air flow is usually caused by a blockage in the system, when an air filter or similar component has built up a great deal of dust, or if leaks in the duct system divert sufficient amounts of air.
  • Lack of cool air. You may notice that the air flow in your AC is fine, but that the air coming out isn’t particularly cool. That may mean a clogged air filter, or the refrigerant in your system may be low and need to be recharged.
  • Strange noises. A strange noise can signal a number of possible problems. If there’s an air leak in the duct system, it may give out a whistle or a hiss as air escapes. Problems with the condenser or blower unit can create unusual noises, and motor noises such as buzzing or rumbling might indicate a problem with the fan motor. A clicking noise could signal a damaged control unit or thermostat constantly cycling on and off
  • Inability to start. If the air conditioning unit won’t start at all, it could indicate one of several different problems. An overload may have tripped the circuit breaker in your house, or it may simply be that you inadvertently set the thermostat too high. In addition, some air conditioning units are designed to automatically switch off when a given component is no longer functioning as it should. The component will need to be repaired or replaced before the air conditioning will turn on again.

Regardless of the issue, a trained professional should be contacted to conduct repairs. Experienced experts can diagnose the problem and recommend a prudent course of action. Sunset Air handles air conditioning repairs in Olympia, WA with courtesy and professionalism. Call us today and schedule an appointment.

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