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Can Window Replacement Keep Your Home Cooler?


First off, why does this question matter so much?

Well, think about it. You use your air conditioner a lot in the summer, right? And HVAC systems are almost always the costliest electrical appliance in a home. In fact, HVAC costs account for half of all energy costs in the average home.

What if you could use your air conditioner less, though? What if it stayed cool in your house long enough that your air conditioner didn’t need to cycle on until hours later than usual? This is possible, with a window upgrade!

So, window replacement can keep your home cooler, and there’s a great benefit to this. Read on to learn more!

Try Going Vinyl

Did you know that vinyl window frames can play a huge role in how cool your home stays in the summer? Vinyl window frames contain “pockets”–chambers in between each later that provides extra insulation. This not only keeps hot air out but keeps your cooled, conditioned air in.

An additional benefit? Vinyl doesn’t fade. Painted wood window frames will fade on the outside over time, especially on south-facing windows, due to constant exposure to the sun. This improves the visual appeal of your home and can even help raise the property value should you decide to sell.

Is Low-E Glass Worth the Investment?

Ever heard of Low-e glass? If it’s not part of your vocabulary, it should be! Low-e glass is low-emissivity glass. It limits the amount of infrared and ultraviolet light that comes through and enters your home but does not restrict the amount of light that shines in.

It’s essentially like “tinting” your windows without tinting them at all! This keeps your home cooler, of course, and also contributes to the aesthetics of your home.

Other Ways to Keep Cool

Once you upgrade your windows, you’ll notice a considerable difference in how cool you’re able to keep your home! Not only that, but there are other steps you can take to maintain the temperature in your space and even boost AC efficiency, such as:

  • Closing the blinds and shades on south-facing windows midday. This helps limit the amount of sunshine coming in and may let your air conditioner run a little shorter so you’re not using as much energy.
  • Using your ceiling fans in combination with the AC. Ceiling fans help to evenly distribute the cooled air coming from your room vents. This helps you feel cooler so that you can turn up the thermostat a bit and not force your AC to run for so long to try to keep you cool.
  • Raise the temperature on the thermostat. Most people are comfortable at about 78°F during the day. But too many homeowners come home in the middle of a hot day and turn on their AC’s, setting them at about 72°F because they think it’ll cool their home faster. It really doesn’t cool the home any faster, it just makes the AC run longer. It’s better to keep your home around 78°F all day than to blast it for a few hours, even if you aren’t home. You’ll find that your home stays generally cooler for longer this way!

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