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Boiler Issues to Watch Out for This Winter

Boilers are well-known for their longevity, far outlasting heating systems like furnaces on average. This is because boilers have fewer moving parts, which means that they have fewer ways for things to go wrong. Despite this, however, they are not invincible. There are a number of boiler problems that you need to watch out for this winter, as the system will be under much more stress than usual. Let’s take a look at some of those problems now.


Any system that deals with large amounts of water on a regular basis is going to be susceptible to leaks at one time or another. You should keep an eye on your boiler system, and immediately call for repairs if you locate even a small leaks. Leaks in certain areas, like the circulation pump, can have an adverse impact on the health and operation of the entire system, so they need to be addressed as soon as possible.


Just like leaks, rust becomes all but inevitable when dealing with large amounts of water. Also like leaks, rust is progressive. A small amount of rust on your boiler may not seem like a big deal, but if it’s allowed to spread it can weaken parts of the system and make them more vulnerable to breaking down. Have a professional examine any rust spots you find on your system, just to be safe.

Pump Issues

The circulation pump is the part responsible for actually pumping all the hot water from the boiler throughout the home. Without this part, the entire system wouldn’t be able to work properly. If the pump develops a leak, or the water flow into it becomes blocked somehow, you’re going to notice a substantial drop in heating ability. Call for repairs if your boiler doesn’t seem to be able to properly heat the home as well as it should.

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