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Benefits of Installing a Skylight

Putting skylights into homes sounds like a luxury more than anything else. They look attractive, provide a pleasant view onto a clear starry sky, and they make a soothing pattering noise few other home surfaces produce when the rain strikes them. But what other benefits could putting a window into a ceiling bring you?

You’d be surprised. Skylights have a number of advantages for home installation that you should consider when you’re remodeling your house or adding on a new room. Sunset Air has worked on window installations in Tacoma, WA for over 35 years, so we’ve seen firsthand the little-known advantages of skylights. Contact our team today to find out more about our services for skylight installation and repairs.

The Skylight Advantages

  • Health: People in the U.S. spend 85% of their time indoors and out of the sun, which deprives them of Vitamin D that can help battle low moods and fatigue. However, too much UV radiation is dangerous. A skylight helps with both problems: it brings the natural light of the sun into a large space, and its glazing blocks and reflects harmful UV rays. A skylight can increase your mood and energy at home.
  • Reduced reliance on electricity: No other type of window in a home draws in as much light as a well-placed skylight. East- and west-facing windows only have sunlight during a brief period of the day, and north- and sound-facing windows may not receive any direct light at all. A skylight pours down many hours of lighting, and this mean less reliance on electrical lights. Even on overcast days, a skylight brightens up a room and lets you turn down the lights.
  • Space enhancement: Adding a skylight to a stuffy room that feels overcrowded will have a near-magical transformative effect. The room will feel larger, fresher, more vibrant. Sometimes the only remodeling you need is a skylight. (You can save money on electrical installation as well when a skylight does half the work.)

Skylight Repairs

Because a home’s skylight has more direct exposure to the elements than other windows, it can occasionally need repairs. Make sure that you have the best professional installation available so your skylight has proper water tightness and the most durable material; this will lower the need for repairs and give you a window on the roof of the world that will last as long as your home does.

Sunset Air provides quality window installation services for Tacoma, WA that includes skylights. We can also repair your existing skylight, and offer 24-hour emergency repairs if you need a leak fixed right away. We offer numerous services for doors and windows, so contact us whenever it’s time for remodeling.

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