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5 Reasons to Call a Professional Electrician

How is the electrical supply in your home? Do you worry about flickering lights and other issues? There are numerous reasons to call on the professional service of a qualified electrician in Olympia, WA. As you know, electricity is a vital but also hazardous energy source that needs to be controlled as it moves throughout your home. Today’s equipment far exceeds its predecessors in terms of functionality and safety, but electrical wiring and fixtures must be respected. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, so call on Sunset Air for all of your electrical needs in Olympia, WA.

Here are 5 reasons to call an electrician.

  • Flickering lights. One of the most common calls for electrical repair is flickering lights. Whether your lights flicker when turning them on or off, or continuously, there is obviously a problem with the connection, either at the fixture itself or where it connects to the main circuit that leads back to the service panel. Such problems need to be addressed as soon as possible, as faulty connections can cause fires.
  • Service panel upgrade. Whether you have a fuse box and need to upgrade it to a new circuit breaker panel, or simply want your existing service panel to have greater electrical capacity, you may want to enlist the help of a professional electrician to upgrade your system. Doing so not only brings your system up to date, but may be necessary for major remodeling projects like home additions.
  • Generator installation. A whole-house generator is a great way to back up your home in the event of a power outage, whether it’s caused by a flood, storm, or grid failure. A whole-house generator uses natural gas or propane to create an electrical energy supply that feeds your home. An automatic standby model can actually sense whenever your power goes out and start-up automatically.
  • Rewiring. Rewiring your entire home is a major job, make no doubt about that . But sometimes it’s necessary, mostly for safety reasons and for bringing your home up to local codes and regulations.
  • Whole-house surge protection. If you own sensitive electronic equipment like an HD television, desktop computer, or stereo system, then you probably already understand the value of surge protection. However, portable surge protection strips are not nearly as effective as a whole-house surge protection unit that makes sure your entire home is protected.

For excellent service from a professional electrician in Olympia, WA, call Sunset Air.

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