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3 Reasons Why Professional Duct Cleaning Is Absolutely Worth It


Here at Sunset Air, we sure do talk a lot about home efficiency, insulation, your home’s R-value, and how to use your HVAC systems and drain less power. This is because windows and doors are our bread and butter, and we know how important well-designed and properly-installed windows and doors will help increase energy efficiency and decrease your utility bills.

There are other ways to increase efficiency, too. Not only that, but improve you with better indoor air quality too. One of these methods is to schedule a professional duct cleaning.

Perhaps you’ve heard of this service before and brushed it off. We get it, it might seem excessive. But you may be surprised to see just how much it will benefit your household to have this service done. Read on to learn about 3 reasons we highly recommend professional duct cleaning.

Reason #1: Improve Indoor Air Quality

The primary reason many folks decide to have professional duct cleaning done is to improve their overall indoor air quality. True, your HVAC systems come with a built-in air filter. Perhaps you even have additional indoor air quality systems in place.

But #1: The air filter that comes standard with your HVAC system actually isn’t there to protect your indoor air quality, and #2: The indoor air quality products you have in place are drawing dust, pollutants, and debris from the air within your home, not from your ductwork.

Your ducts are left defenseless against the influx of dust, allergens, and other debris that settles inside of them. Then when you turn your HVAC systems on, it just gets blown through your home, making the air you breathe not very comfortable.

Reason #2: Help Your HVAC Systems Perform Better

All that debris we just mentioned can also interfere with the overall performance of your forced-air heating and cooling systems. The most efficient HVAC systems cool or heat your air, and then blow it back out to the rooms of your home via the most direct route–your ductwork. So, dirty ductwork creates friction and resistance that slows down the air.

If the ductwork is too dirty, you’ll find yourself paying more for air conditioning and heating than you shouldn’t have to. What’s even worse, there’s a good chance that your air ducts have leaks, and you could use a trained and experienced professional to determine whether any part of your ductwork actually needs replacement.

Reason #3: Avoid Scammers

There are companies out there who will claim they do professional duct cleaning. However, unless they are trained and licensed HVAC professionals, they don’t have the qualifications to do such a job. They may also lack the experience that comes with those qualifications.

As a result, they could end up doing the job, but not very thoroughly. They could also end up damaging your ductwork while cleaning it, leaving you with tears in the air ducts that allow contaminants in and conditioned air out–defeating the purpose of this service!

Be sure before you hire any home services company, that you do your due diligence and check out their online reviews, to see if they live up to what they claim!

For professional and reliable duct cleaning in Olympia, WA, contact Sunset Air today!

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