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3 Factors to Consider When Replacing Windows in Your Home


There are a number of reasons that you as a homeowner might decide to replace your windows. Perhaps it’s just for aesthetic purposes—your current windows are old and degrading and just don’t look good anymore. Or maybe you have drafty windows that are letting conditioned air escape. Whatever the case, it’s important to be educated about your window choices so you can make the best decision for your household that will conserve energy and save you money.

If you’ve been putting off window replacement for any reason, we encourage you to read the following factors to decide if you should invest in this service sooner rather than later.

Moisture Accumulation

If you discover excessive condensation or any signs of mold and mildew growth inside your windows, it’s time to consider a replacement. You might see this moisture buildup in the form of fogging between window panes or condensation on the side of the window that faces your home’s interior. What happens is that over time, the seal of the window starts to crack and allow moisture from the outside, in.

Old Age

Do you know how long your windows are meant to last before their seals start wearing down or they become susceptible to cracking and other damage? Modern windows are typically very high quality and can last for many decades, but if you’ve never had windows replaced in a 20+ year old home, chances are if you aren’t already, you’ll soon start suffering from drafty windows, cracked window sills, and moisture accumulation.

Cost of Windows vs. Cost of Energy Loss

Old, drafty windows can let conditioned and heated air escape out. As a result, your HVAC system has to run longer to compensate and try to reach the desired temperature on your thermostat. You’ll wind up paying hundreds of extra dollars each year because of this inefficient HVAC use, whereas the most you’ll likely spend per new window installation—if you go with the highest quality—is $1,000, with those new windows lasting you 30+ years!

Should You Replace All Your Windows at Once?

Homeowners often ask if they should replace all of their windows at once when investing in a window replacement. The short answer to this is “yes,” since you’ll be effectively addressing any efficiency problems throughout the whole entire home all at once.

But this of course depends on your budget, as well. Window replacement is typically done in two or three stages, starting from the front of the house and moving toward the back, then upstairs. So if you decide to do a little bit at a time, that may be the best order to go in.

Our team is happy to talk to you about your options and what will be best for your specific home! We’ll look at a number of factors such as the materials that will be best for your house, what your aesthetic preferences are, and what your budget is to determine the best choices for you.

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