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3 Benefits of Investing in Solar Energy


More and more Washington State homeowners are looking to solar energy as a wise investment for their home energy needs. It’s a common misbelief that solar isn’t a viable option in the cloudy, rainy Pacific Northwest. But that just isn’t true. In fact, even on a cloudy day, there’s enough light outside for solar panels. 

With the advancements that have been made in solar energy technology over the last decade, it really does pay to invest in solar energy. Even more exciting is the fact that homeowners will find that they qualify for incentives by going solar, in addition to the other cost-saving benefits.

Let’s review three major benefits of solar installation in Tacoma, WA

1. Solar Energy Is an Eco-Friendly Option

It almost goes without saying that solar is an eco-friendly option here in the Pacific Northwest where homeowners tend to pride themselves on making “the green choice.” Choosing solar power greatly reduces your carbon footprint and makes you less reliant on the burning of fossil fuels for energy. 

Solar energy is infinitely renewable, unlike fossil fuels. As we mentioned, the energy from the sun is available even when it’s cloudy and overcast. Once your solar panels are professionally installed, they have no moving parts and require no energy input outside of the sun.

2. Solar Energy Is a Sound Investment

For homeowners, having solar panels installed is considered a sound financial investment. Although purchasing a solar system is a pricy upfront investment, you’ll see huge savings on your utility bills for as long as you own your home.

The average lifespan for solar panels is 25-30 years. Most manufacturers offer production warranties for 25 years or more. The average break-even point for solar panel installation (in other words, how long you need to have the system before the savings equal the initial investment) is 6-10 years after installation.

Although solar panels are extremely durable, weather events and various other things can cause damage to your solar panels. However, these events are rare. So long as you have your solar panels maintained regularly and get them repaired promptly, you’ll be able to reap the benefits for many years to come.

3. Take Advantage of State and National Incentives

Washington State encourages its residents to invest in solar by offering tax incentives and rebates. You can visit the Puget Sound Energy website to learn more. There are also a number of incentives available through Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) legislation. 

It’s important to hire a team that’s experienced with installing, maintaining, and repairing solar panels. That team is us! Call us for a solar panel consultation. We can even help you determine what incentives and rebates you may be eligible for with the installation of solar in your home. When you work with us for your solar panel installation and services, you’ll be partnering with a team you can rely on for all your solar panel needs.

Count on the team with the most experience. Contact the team at Sunset Air for solar energy services today.

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