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3 Advantages of PV Panels in Puyallup

PV panels are a component in solar power. The “PV” stands for “photovoltaics,” which is the method by which solar radiation is converted into energy. PV panels are spread out to catch as much of the sun’s rays as they can in order to transform it into electrical energy. In towns like Puyallup, heating through solar power sounds like a long shot: we’re not exactly inundated with sunny days here in the Pacific Northwest. But PV panels actually make a lot of sense for homeowners interested in solar power. Here are 3 advantages of PV panels in Puyallup, WA:

  • They don’t need sunny days to work. PV panels can pull energy from the daylight even during cloudy or rainy days. That means you don’t have to worry about the sun coming out in order to make effective use of them.
  • They provide increased energy independence. Once you pay for the cost of installation, you’ll find your energy bills going down tremendously as the PV panels begin generating electricity for you. In some cases, you may even be able to sell excess electricity back to the grid. Larger numbers of PV panels mean greater savings, and the existence of PV panels will likely increase the resale value of your house when the time comes. Furthermore, PV panels provide that electricity even when the civic grid is experiencing problems, providing you with greater energy independence than you could expect
  • They’re environmentally friendly.  Solar panels are green to the extreme, generating electricity without an attendant carbon footprint. It generates no harmful byproducts and it requires no fossil fuels. Here in the environmentally conscious Northwest, you can’t do much better.

If you approve of the advantages of PV panels in Puyallup and want to speak to an expert about it, then Sunset Air is waiting to help. We handle all kinds of energy issues in Puyallup: heating, air conditioning and solar energy included. We can answer your questions, help you plan your installation and then set up your panels with professionalism and pride.  Give us a call today. You’ll be glad that you did!

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